Services & Products

TripleCut Master Class:

  • Machining of stainless and highly alloyed materials
  • Small and medium series
  • Small and medium sized parts
  • Up to 9-axis machining
  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Flexibility
  • Precise deliveries
  • Traceability and documentation
  • Initiative and enthusiasm​

Materials We Work in:

We work in nearly all materials except cast iron. First and foremost we are specialists in machining of stainless steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, Hasteloy, Titanium, S165m and other high alloyed materials. As Anders, the one of our directors says: “AISI 316 is probably our mildest steel”.


With our machine park we are able to manufacture small and medium size parts. Our flexibility enables us to handle small series and prototypes on our multi-axle CNC machines and up to larger series on our fully automated centers with automatic feeding.

We have 20 multi axle CNC centers, milling and turning and machines with up to 9 axles (Mazak Integrex ST300 IV)

Our machine park mainly consists of Mazak and Okuma machines.

We have a manual machining department for prototypes and one off production when it is not worthwhile to start up a CNC center. It is also the “playground” for our apprentices who start their career here.


We have a laser marking machine for marking of items with serial numbers and charge numbers or for printing of customer labels. Needle printing is also an option.

Assembly and Test

We have great experience with assembly of machines and parts and we can offer complete finished solutions.

Supply Chain

We handle supply chain jobs where we source plate parts and surface treatment from sub-suppliers.​

Stock Keeping

We offer our customers to keep stock for them and handle logistics in order to optimize delivery times, unit costs and administration.

Traceability and Documentation

Most of the orders and productions that go through our business are delivered with documentation in form of material certificates, process and control reports. The documents physically follow the parts on their route through the production from the saw to the packaging department. All certificates are also registered electronically and can always be tracked from metal work to the end user.

Cutting Tools and Creating Value

In close cooperation with our tool suppliers we put a lot of effort in evaluating the newest and best tools in the market as we know that this is one of the key elements to create value for our customers and ourselves.

Machining of stainless and high alloyed steels requires perfect tools!

Who are Our Customers

We work with customers who supplies quality products and expect quality work from their suppliers in the shape of precision parts with sharp tolerances fine surfaces and flexible delivery times.

They are found in the process industry – food –pharmaceutical- and beverage as well as in offshore and subsea related branches. We also supply to corporations within science and research.

​Our customers are world class suppliers within their fields of business.​


First and foremost we strive to keep a very high quality level in our production and everybody from youngest apprentice to our eldest master operator has this as first priority. Parts sent out of our factory must live up to our clients demands – as a minimum.

As a standard routine our operators do neighbor control measurements and reports are offered as a part of our documentation.

We have a separate enclosure with measurement equipment and we use a TESA Micro-Lite 3D Recorder for documentation.

​Triplecut is a well-structured company and formally we run our business after our own quality handbook which is based on the ISO 9001 standard.​​

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